Bio-Live for optimum health

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Living health in a bottle

Our Bio-Live range is designed to deliver and maintain the balance of beneficial microbes within the human body. This living liquid probiotic drink is a gentle, safe and natural way to boost digestive health and support the immune system.

There are around 100 trillion microbes in your gut – ten times more than all the cells in your body – making your gut central to your health and happiness. Read more about gut health. Bio-Live combines 13 families of beneficial microbes with vital extra ingredients, brewed to survive stomach acid and support a healthy gut.

We are also proud to offer Bioemsan products that are certified organic bio cosmetics from Austria, a symbiosis of organic ingredients and beneficial microbes. They are all free from synthetic emulsifiers, surfactants, fragrances and colours, certified as skin kind, are cruelty-free and GM free.  Read more about Bioemsan products.