The first 1000 days

Thank you!!!

Your online purchase of Bio-Live Dark, Gold, GOO for YOU, Echinacea Plus or Breathease helps a vital nutrition program in southern India.

Through Microbz you give 50p for each 500ml bottle of Bio-Live sold online to support a food project that gives rural children and their mothers the best possible start from conception for 1000 days.

We know that adequate nutrition is fundamental to child development. Research shows that the time from conception to two years old is crucial for optimum growth, health and progress.

Yet 55% of India’s population lives in poverty, and nearly 60% of children under 5 are underweight or have stunted growth.

This means they are likely to grow up with irreversible physical and mental underdevelopment, affecting their education and working lives for life.

We are partners with an amazing organization called SCAD (Social Change and Development) in Tamil Nadu, southern India. SCAD works in 600 villages and helps 52,000 vulnerable children and their mothers with these aims:

 To improve nutrition for children during the first 1000 days of life, starting from conception

 To provide low cost and highly nutritious food – Nutrimix – and teach people how to make it

 To educate rural women on the importance of health and hygiene

 To reduce maternal and infant/child mortality in the rural villages of Tamil Nadu

Nutrimix is a ready to use mix of:

Pearl millet, finger millet, chick pea, cardamom and turmeric.

Just by adding water or milk, with or without sugar, people can make porridge, dhosa, chappathi, or other savouries.

With Microbz’ support, over the last 2 years SCAD has distributed nearly 25,000 500g packets of Nutrimix in 300 villages.


“We at SCAD wholeheartedly thank Microbz and its customers for supporting this noble project”.  

Dr Cletus Babu, founder and chairman

You can read more about SCAD on their website here.